Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Things I Just Know You Are Dying To Know About Stephen and I (Don't Lie)

Well, per request from the lovely Betty Beguiles, I would love to share with you all a couple of fun and interesting facts about the man who I agreed to marry, Stephen.  :-)

1.  We met the first day of class, our freshman year in college.  We sat near each other, and casually said hi for a couple weeks before we actually started talking..... Apparently I looked really sad in class one day, because later that night I got a random message from him saying something like "You looked upset today, is something bothering you?  Do you want to talk about it?."  At first I was like, this is really weird, I haven't hardly said anything to this guy yet, but then I agreed to meet him outside and do a walk-and-talk type thing.  Afterwards, he introduced me to his friends to try to cheer me up.  It certainly worked, and from then on we started hanging out as a group.  (First impression:  He's really really cute and sweet, but we both had significant others at the time, so that's about all I dwelt on those thoughts)

2.  Awkwardly enough, this friendship actually led to me dating Stephen's roommate for the second half of our freshman year.  It was a bad relationship, and thank goodness he was sweet enough to sort of erase that from his memory to spare us the awkwardness...

3.  The summer after freshman year was one of the loneliness summers of my life, partially due to the breakup I went through, and also because I worked a second shift job and never saw anyone.  I didn't tell Stephen this until much later, but the random call I got from him in July just to check up on me (even though it was only about 5 minutes long) was one of the sweetest things ever.

4.  I will never forget the words Stephen used that December of our sophomore year to let me know that he liked me.  "Do you think that if you and I were single when we met freshman year, that we would have dated?"  Way to be indirect, dear.  :-)

5.  Our first date was at Bob Evans in January.  We retroactively declared it our first date after we were officially a couple.  We stopped at this Bob Evans on a road trip we were on, and I call it our first date because when the waitress asked him if it was separate checks, he smiled and said he would take it!  :-D

6.   Stephen is the one responsible for making me a gamer girl (I had never really played video games before I met him).  He started by getting me into Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which led to us both entering a school tournament for the game (I was the only girl).  He likes to pretend this didn't happen now, because when we got to play each other in the tournament, I beat him!!!  Shouldn't have taught me how to play so well, huh dear?

7.  I now play a ton of video games because of him.  Because we don't live in the same city now, "dates" often consist of being on a skype call with each other while we play League of Legends online.  I also now own a Nintendo DS and have beaten a lot of games on that.

8.  Since we started dating, I have gotten Stephen to wear blue jeans, which he had never worn before.  Can you believe that? It took at least a year or so to accomplish this.

9.  I truly believe that our relationship has helped each one of us in our own way become more active in our Catholic faith.  We started by just attending Mass together each week, and now we do occasional daily mass together (when we're in the same town), and we have learned to pray with each other (which is one of my favorite things to do now).

10.  Our wedding date is June 25, 2011, and I cannot convey how ready I am for the day to be here, like right now.  Please!


  1. I love this list! You guys sound like a really fantastic couple. My husband is also an avid gamer (although he has yet to make me a gamer girl). I chuckled at #8 because it reminded me of us -- he wore blue jeans before dating me, but he refused to wear shorts no matter how hot and humid it was. Now he loves them.
    I'm very excited for you both, and I wish you every blessing as you prepare for marriage!

  2. prayers for continued chasity as you JOYfully wait for your blessed date.
    pax Christi - lena
    (i'm here via betty beguiles)

  3. AHH!! Congrats!! This was so much fun to read, I just love Betty B. And no jeans??? What did he wear??

  4. @Elisa - He wears sweats and khakis. Just like his younger brother who I have the pleasure of dating :)

  5. Congratulations! That wait is probably one of the toughest, but then when it's all over and you're on the way to the honeymoon, you have that Christmas-Day-Shock-And-Awe kind of feeling. And having a spouse who helps you "grow your faith" is truly a gift! ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  6. @Louise : Thanks for the compliments and well wishes!

    @lena : Thank you for the prayers :-)

    @Elisa: Thanks! Emily answered your question....yes, Stephen still prefers to wear either khaki pants or sweatpants whenever he can. I think it was 12 years of Catholic school dress code, combined with his extreme loathing of shopping. He never bought jeans because he couldn't wear them to school and he didn't care enough to have them when he wasn't in school. :-P

    @Emily: thanks for answering the question....and yes, Jim and Stephen are way too much alike sometimes.

    @Kristen : thanks! I'm pretty much smiling all the time due to my extreme excitement for marriage :-)

  7. Steve should open his eyes. And shave before a formal thing. Also, he stinks at video games I wouldn't be to proud of pwning him.

    Kirby d(^.^d)

  8. Oh my goodness Kirby(aka Justin). First of all, I love his beard and would be so upset if he got rid of it. :-)

    Second of all, he's very good at video games, and even in Brawl he beats me like 9 of 10 times. I just got lucky in the tournament :-P

    (plus, after reading this post, he challenged me to a rematch this weekend. Woot.)

  9. You two sound like a very cute couple! I love the Bob Evans story. Also, I'm glad to hear you convinced him to wear jeans - my BF is addicted to khaki pants and I have yet to get him into a pair of blue jeans.

  10. Also, I love the fact that you can pray together and it has encouraged Jim and I to do the same. And I really think that has brought us closer :)

  11. Aw, I just read this and I love it! You and Stephen do make such a great couple, and I can totally imagine him saying/doing the things you wrote about! So glad David and I met the two of you!

  12. Aww this was such a fun post! What did he wear before jeans??

    For Love of Cupcakes