Thursday, January 31, 2013

He's 10 Months Old (Updates and Reflection)

My little pensive, grown-up boy.
The end of January means that Henry Jarvan is 10 months old today! 

My big boy crawls lightening fast, climbs on everything, and says "Mam mam" whenever he feels like it. When he hears the word "Yay!" he claps his hands. His favorite activities include watching the washer and dryer, swinging doors back and forth, and of course still banging objects together. He can find a keyboard 3 miles away and loves smashing them, much to this nerd's (aka Mama's) delight and dismay. When he hears the refrigerator door open, he comes running and cries if I close it before he gets there. He hasn't met a food he doesn't like yet, and he loooves being part of the dinner table. He even likes spicy foods, which is amazing since his own Mama can't tolerate even a hint of spice. 

He just settled into a bedtime in the last few weeks, although success varies. Totally expected for his age though, and this Mama still enjoys the snuggles, nursing sessions, and other adventures with sleep. We go through patterns of easy nights and rougher nights, though we minimize the crazy by staying near each other at night. I was just thinking though today that it's been 10 months since *I've* slept through the night, and somehow I'm still living. :-)

I think one of the most fun parts of his recent growth is that I can really tell that sometimes he understands what I'm saying. He knows what I mean when I ask him if he wants to nurse. I think he's starting to understand words like "Daddy," "toys", and even "lunch" (that's when he usually eats at the table). Sometimes I even think he understands me when I say we're going to nap! I know that just in the next months to come, his comprehension is only going to get better, and I can't wait to see what words he learns to say in the near future!

I'm thankful everyday that we are blessed with the gift of our child. God entrusted him to us to raise: kindly, gently, patiently, and with faith. I have a feeling it only gets more challenging along the way, but that's why having faith is so important and vital. As a Catholic, I have the Holy Family to look to for guidance, and the Blessed Mother as my spiritual mother and guidance. Even on the crazy days I have to remember that Henry is a gift, that he is growing and learning, and that we as parents are who he trusts for love and all of his other needs. It's a crazy responsibility, but one that we are blessed to take on. 


  1. He's so cute! And so big! And I miss him! Did you know Lucia still weighs only 18 pounds? She's pretty tall now, but so slender - I wish I could see how the two look next to each other now!

    1. I would love to see that too, haha. Last we checked, Henry weighs right around 28 pounds.

  2. He is soooo adorable, Kendra!:) It's so funny that he loves spicy foods!

  3. Aww, so cute! I love it when they start comprehending what we're saying and actively participating in everything. Happy 10-month birthday to the little guy!

  4. So cute! It's amazing how fast they grow up!

  5. Love the hair in the first photo! He's so cute.