Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Volume 45 (Meal Planning and Lent Edition)

Thanks Jen for hosting!


On the facebook page this week I talked about our venture into meal planning. We just completed our first week of meals fully planned at home, and it went surprisingly well! In case any of you were curious, here's what we had:

Breakfasts each morning: some combination of fried eggs, homemade granola, a banana, coffee
Lunch: mostly leftovers

Monday: Chili
Tuesday: we ate at Moe's Southwest Grill because Fat Tuesday
Wednesday: Stir-fry veggies and noodles, salmon
Thursday: Tacos using the leftover chicken from Sunday
Friday: not positive now because plans have changed. I had a Caesar salad for lunch with leftover salmon. We'll probably just have pasta and marinara sauce for dinner.

For snacks, I make smoothies (pb&j, or berry) and freeze them in these.

I have breakfast lasagna and broccoli cheddar soup on the menu for tomorrow, with whatever else comes to mind between now and then. I plan on making these sweet potato chai muffins for snacks for next week. We're pretty casual on Saturdays.

Note: I make a lot of substitutions in the recipes I linked there. Feel free to ask away in the comments if you have a question about how I made any of this.


I'm honestly now lost what to do for the rest of these quick takes. I need more coffee.


Now that we're 3 days into Lent, I can officially say I've kept my Lenten sacrifices up longer than last year. I think last year was just bad because I was 8.5-9 months pregnant for all of it, haha. All sacrifices involving food were really not good choices then.


Oh, I know! I wrote a piece on Proverbs 31:22 for Jen this week. I'm not sure if it's my best work...but I did enjoy writing it. :-)


I'm going to make my clothing sale a permanently running thing on the blog. I'll be updating it with new stuff from time to time. It definitely feels good to not have a crowded closet anymore, so I want to keep this up.


As part of Lent, I gave up (aka uninstalled) all of my "time waster" games on my tablet. I love games, and I see a lot of benefits in gaming, but I don't like to waste time on mindless ones. That was a habit I needed to break. My husband, who is more experienced with gaming than I am, is going to be giving me better games to play through - ones with good story, character development, problem-solving, good battle mechanics....all the good stuff. My first 'assignment' was Golden Sun for the gameboy advance. I'm a few hours in, and it's pretty good so far! Stephen refuses to help me get through the puzzles though so I've been trying to do better with figuring out the hard parts for myself, lol. I'm so used to running to him and asking him every time there is a tricky part and he says I need to get better at problem solving. He's like my gaming teacher :-P


Ok, who doesn't need a sweet little boy's smile today to make everything ok? 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm with you there. I gave up playing Yahoo! Pool when I was in college one year for lent. Most people thought that I was weird or that was "dumb" but it was a big sacrifice for me.

  2. Love Henry's little teeth. I have been making that berry smoothie A LOT lately, thanks to your spinach post. We loooove it! I'm glad your first week of meal planning went well. I meal plan, but I don't attach them to specific nights, and basically decide the night before (as to make sure meat is thawed and such). It makes it easier to deal with plans changing for us!

    1. I'm glad the smoothies are working for you! Making them has certainly made my life easier, and healthier.