Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Strangers Say: "Yes, Henry is a boy" Edition

While I usually am sort of a homebody, every once in a while I get a day like today where I'm out and about with Henry. It never fails that Henry attracts people over to us, and they say the strangest things sometimes...

While talking to a man in his 50s at the coffee shop this morning: "So is he your son? he your little brother?" 

Flattering(?), but no. Nooo.

The biscuits at the coffee shop are the BOMB.

An employee at the Verizon store was watching Henry crawl around.
"Oh what a cutie! Is....she?...(pause while waiting for confirmation)
"Oh, *he*. He's a boy."
"Well I was almost sure he was a boy until he looked up and I saw his face. He's got such a beautiful face!"

Boys can be beautiful too, lady. 

Older lady at Verizon store is watching Henry while waiting to be helped. She comes over to me right when she's leaving.
"You have such a sweet boy!"
"Well thank you very mu--"
"Now you make sure you raise him right. Take that boy to church."
"Oh, um, we bring him every week?"
She smiled and left.

Apparently Henry looks like he could use some Jesus lovin in his life.....

Days like this leave the kid exhausted.


  1. Things just seem to get weirder! Glad it is not just me! :)

  2. My favorite: *person looking at my daughter who is deckd out in pink* He is so cute! What's his name? Me: Felicia. Person: oh yeah, he's cute.

  3. The one positive thing: I really don't care if a stranger thinks my kid is a boy or a girl.

  4. I finally bought big flower headbands for my girls, to make it a little more obvious. Henry really is a beautiful boy!