What Is #Cathsorority?

The Catholic Sorority, or #cathsorority as it's known on Twitter, is a group of young adult, Catholic women who  blog about daily life as an expression of our Catholic faith.  Some of us are cradle Catholics, continuing our journey of learning what it truly means to be Catholic. Some of us are converts (or possible future converts) to the Catholic Church with hearts on fire for Christ and the zeal of fully embracing a new faith! Some of us are single, some are married, some are mothers.  We are students, employees, and stay-at-home moms.  Though we all have different callings in our lives, we bond as "sorority sisters" because we are sinners seeking the mercy of Jesus in our lives, helping ourselves and each other obtain heaven. We talk, laugh, discuss, joke, and pray with each other.  And in all of this, we help each other through the craziness of this life God blessed each one of us with. :-)

We invite you to talk with us! 

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If you're a Catholic women who wants to join a community of some of your joyful and faith-filled Catholic peers, please contact me for more information!